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As a traditional painting and decorating company we cover all aspects of the trade and we have specialised tradesman to do wall papering. We have over 40 years experience in wallpapering and whether it is a feature wall, a bedroom, a house or your office, we can cover it all and we can do the painting as well. We work with all the major wallpaper brands; and have the expertise to decorate your property and leave it clean and tidy as you would expect to find it.

Every great journey begins with one small step. And when it comes to hanging wallpaper, the first step is one of the most important. Wallpaper can't cling to greasy, dirty walls, old wallpaper or paint. That's why we can't emphasize enough how critical it is to have your walls properly prepared.

Existing walls need special attention. Paint can create problems based upon its original quality or how long it has been on the wall. If it's old, paint can become unstable and should be sealed with primer/sealer to insure a successful wallcovering installation.

Nail holes, chips, cracks and wall irregularities should be filled with vinyl spackling compound before primer is applied. Use a broad knife to apply spackle right from the can. Force the compound well into the hole and smooth the surface. When the compound dries, sand, smooth and seal the wall with a primer.

Our company can prepare the walls, stripping any existing wallpaper and plaster the walls to give it a perfect, smooth finish.

Once your walls have been repaired, they should be cleaned of any sanding residue, grease or obvious stains. Stains may be spot treated with stain killing primer as necessary. Any moldy areas must be treated with a bleach solution prior to application of any stain killing primer. Especially difficult stains may require the use of oil-based primers. It is normally recommended to cover these treated areas with an acrylic primer. With the exception of primers that specifically call for sanding of any gloss finish, you are ready for priming.

New Plaster - wallpaper must not be hung on a newly plastered wall, the wall should be allowed time to dry out a 4 week drying out period is typical but this will depend upon various factors, such as, the thickness of plaster and the humidity in the room we can recommend the appropriate time scale before we hang the paper.

Traditionally, it is the living room fireplace and chimney that is the focal point of the room and it is the chimney breast and alcoves that homeowners are covering with wallpaper.

On more modern homes large walls are turned into a feature by wallpapering with a large print either modern or traditional.

In fact living room style now is no longer a simple matter of which colour or which wallpaper. Homeowners are now using their homes far more boldly to make personal statements and in doing so create stunning homes that are unique.

Why give up your time when we can deliver a proffessional job.

Wall papering can be a nightmare, thats where we come in. With 40 years of experiance and hundreds of satuisfied customers to make a proffessional job of decorarting your "pride and joy"

By using DJJ Wallpapers you do not have to worry about any of these points.

  • 1: What does "reverse hang" mean?
  • 2: Can pre-pasted wallpaper be hung without soaking it?
  • 3: What's the purpose of "working from two rolls"?
  • 4: How to hanging a border?
  • 5: How do I remove wallpaper from my walls?

With our experience we can take care of every aspect.